The Alberta Society of Health and Safety Professionals (ASHSP) is dedicated to making the field of occupational health and safety (OHS) into fully-recognized professions protected by law. This means legally protected titles, scope of practice protection (e.g., certain high-risk health and safety work will require a certified professional), and the creation of a self-regulated professional body to ensure the competency and good practice of those professionals who protect the health and safety of workers.

By becoming a member, you are showing your support to transform the filed of OHS into a fully-recognized and legally protected profession. You will also show your support for the following (Guiding Principles of the ASHSP):

  • Competent, capable and ethical health and safety professionals are integral to the success of worker health and safety management systems and risk management programs for organizations.
  • Competent, capable and ethical health and safety professionals help to reduce/eliminate workplace injury and illness; incompetent health and safety practitioners may endanger the lives of workers.
  • The health and safety profession must be regulated by law (e.g., title protection and scope of practice protection) to ensure the competency, capability and ethics of persons working in this vital profession
  • It is in the public interest (i.e., workers, worker’s families and loved ones, health care resources, insurance programs, business, and the economy) to ensure the competency of health and safety professionals.
Also, by becoming a member, you can help shape the profession. When the ASHSP obtains status as a self-regulatory body established under law (target date for application is November 2023), it will be the first of its kind in the world. To pioneer this initiative, you have opportunity to be involved in the following programs/committees/leadership positions:
    • Practice Review Committee (setting competency requirements, Alberta-specific standards, educational requirements, educational accreditation standards, experiential requirements, and continuing education requirements);
    • Disciplinary Committee (establishing Professional Code of Conduct and disciplinary process);
    • Registration Committee (reviewing applications for membership); and
    • Executive Committee/Board of Directors (governing body and personnel leading this initiative)
    • Engagement Committee (building membership and stakeholder engagement through information sharing, presentations, stakeholder engagement, being an ASHSP ambassador).

Other benefits include the following:

    • Listing on the membership directory (ASHSP website);
    • Regular updates on the ASHSP's progress;
    • Participation in the Annual General Meeting with full voting rights.

Become a member today. Be part of history by helping create the modern occupational health and safety profession.


The ASHSP is a registered Society in Alberta seeking to become the Professional Association in Alberta. As a Society, membership categories are not necessary as they confer no special title or scope of practice; therefore, there is only one category at this point: member.

Original membership categories proved to be too narrow and limiting for the very broad scope of this field. Learning from the original categories, the ASHSP is currently determining what membership categories are appropriate for the future Professional Association, and we have simplified our membership process accordingly.

Membership Fees

1. General Member

The fee for membership in the ASHSP is currently $100.00 per year, and applies to those applicants who have any of the following certifications/designations:

  • CRSP or CRST (Canadian Registered Safety Professional/Technician)
  • CSP (Certified Safety Professional)
  • CMIOSH or CFIOSH (IOSH Chartered Member/Fellow)
  • ROH, ROHT (Registered Occupational Hygienist/Hygiene Technologist)
  • CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist)
  • CPE (Certified professional Ergonomist)
  • CHSC (Certified Health and Safety Consultant)
  • QSR (Qualified Safety Representative)
  • NCSO (National Construction Safety Officer)
  • MSO (Manufacturing Safety Officer)
  • HSA (Health and Safety Administrator)
  • CHSMSA (Certified Health and Safety Management Systems Auditor)
  • Auditor for an approved Certifying Partner
  • Other, as accepted by the ASHSP Registration Committee

2. Student Member

An applicant may be eligible for a fee of $50.00 per year.

This may be applied to applicants who have completed, or are currently enrolled in, an educational program that meets the requirements for certification with the Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygiene, American Board of Industrial Hygiene, Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals, Canadian Society for Safety Engineering, Board of Certified Safety Professionals, International Organization for Safety and Health, or other as approved by the ASHSP Registration Committee.

3. Supporter Member

Supporters of the ASHSP mission, but who do not practice health and safety, may also join for a fee of $100.00 per year. This may apply to any person who, in the opinion of the Registration Committee, may bring improved diversity, enhanced dialogue, and strengthened relationships with groups of individuals associated with the occupational health and safety profession. Examples include business directors/owners, lawyers, etc.


The process for becoming an ASHSP member is easy:

Download the ASHSP Membership Application which can be found here

STEP 1 - Complete the online application
Application results in the creation of your ASHSP profile. Instructions for application:

  • Section 1.0 – name, address, contact information
  • Section 2.0 – Designations, indicate any that apply by entering your registration number.
  • Section 2.1 – Designations - If nothing is entered from section 2.0, then enter designations from 2.1 that apply.
  • Section 2.2 – Auditor Designation – If nothing is entered from sections 2.0 or 2.1 and you are a certified auditor for an approved Certifying Partner, then indicate the CP and your auditor number.
  • Section 2.2 – Seeking Further Designation – if you have a certification listed in sections 2.1 or 2.2 and you are currently working towards a designation listed in Section 2.0, then check the box, indicate what designation is being sought, as well as the projected completion date.
  • Section 2.2 – Other – for all other applicants, including those who support the ASHSP mission but who do not practice, describe your contributions to the field of health and safety as well as your reasons for applying.
  • Sections 3.0 to 3.2 – Education - indicate the highest levels of formal education (high school, college or university) you have received.
  • Section 4.0 – Employment (optional) – indicate your most recent employers.
  • Section 5.0 – Declarations – answer each mandatory question.

STEP 2 - Registration Committee Review
The Registration Committee will review your application and notify you of the results of the review. Successful applicants will have their membership activated. Unsuccessful applicants will be contacted, as will applicants who may be required to submit further information.

STEP 3 - Payment
Successful applicants will be invoiced upon activation of their membership by the ASHSP Registrar.

Celebrating membership

Feel free to add ASHSP Member in your signature block!

However, let it be known that the ASHSP initialism is not the same as post-nominal letters and therefore should not be used after a person’s name. To do so would be potentially misleading to a reader who may assume that these letters mean that you have successfully met and maintain standard. Once the ASHSP is successful in becoming the regulatory association (through the support of members such as yourself) there will be legally protected titles that may be used after a name.

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